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This past week Torrey was a guest star on the television series “Major Crimes” where she portrayed Nicole Flynn. We have some new stills from the episode “Acting Out”

Gallery Links:
Torrey DeVitto Web > Major Crimes > Season Three > Episode Stills > 03×13 | Acting Out


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Last night Torrey’s new film “The Best Christmas Party Ever” aired on the Hallmark Channel (great movie!) and because of that Zap2It did this article helping people get to know Torrey a little bit better!

Chances are you recognize “Best Christmas Part Ever” star Torrey DeVitto from her numerous roles all over TV, including “Pretty Little Liars,” “One Tree Hill” and “The Vampire Diaries.” How well do you really know her, though?

Below, Zap2it has compiled a list of “facts.” Of the eight facts below, only five of them are actually true. Can you figure out which ones are true and which are fibs? You can find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1. She appeared on an episode of “Dawson’s Creek” with Dr. Drew Pinsky

Don’t you remember the time Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla hosted a version of “Loveline” on “Dawson’s Creek”? DeVitto was there in the role of “Girl #2.”

2. She’s close friends with John Stamos

DeVitto and Stamos met on the set of the movie “Knots” and hit it off immediately, bonding over their favorite TV shows. Ten years later, they still hang out regularly.

3. Her dad was Billy Joel’s drummer

Liberty DeVitto, Torrey’s dad, was the original drummer for Billy Joel’s backing band. He was on stage with Joel as Torrey was being born, which the singer noted during the show to a standing ovation.

4. She played the violin at Christie Brinkley’s wedding to Peter Cook when she was 12

DeVitto started taking violin lessons at 6 years old and earned a fourth chair position in her high school band. The highlight came at age 12 though, when she performed at Brinkley and Cook’s wedding.

5. She has angel wings tattooed on her foot

The wings aren’t DeVitto’s only ink. She also has tattoos on the onside of her left arm and the left ride of her rib cage.

6. She was a nationally ranked tennis player in college

After excelling at tennis in high school, she ended up with a partial scholarship to New York University where she played on the tennis team and went to the national championships. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the tournament.

7. To prepare for “One Tree Hill,” she was a real nanny for six months

Initially, DeVitto didn’t know the direction her “One Tree Hill” character Carrie would be going, other than her job. Little did she realize the work experience she gained from being a nanny wouldn’t be all that helpful.

8. She used to be a model in Japan

DeVitto spent the summer after she graduated high school modeling in Japan. She eventually realized that her future was elsewhere and pursued acting.

Answers: In case you weren’t able to figure out which DeVitto “facts” were actually fiction, it was 2, 6 and 7. While you might be sad to learn she’s not best friends with John Stamos, take heart in the fact that she’s actually buddies with Jennifer Lawrence.

“Best Christmas Party Ever” premieres Saturday, Dec. 13, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.


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PASADENA, Calif. — Actress Torrey DeVitto used to quiver like a seismograph when she had to audition for a part.

“It would affect my performance hugely because I just could not get control of my nerves,” she said.

When DeVitto heard about a clown class from her drama teacher, she thought that might help overcome her fear and trembling.

“My teacher said, ‘We have this guy, Anson Mount (now star of the AMC series Hell on Wheels), coming in. He’s going to do a course in clown.’

“I thought: ‘Oh, my God, I’m going to take it. That’s going to help with my nerves. If I can get through a clown class and perform as a clown, I can do anything.’  ”

She pretty much has. As the star of the Hallmark Channel’s The Best Christmas Party Ever, premiering tonight, DeVitto plays an ambitious event planner who is forced to work with an actor who threatens to inherit the business in which she has devotedly worked her way up.

She played a doctor on The Vampire Diaries, a former soldier on Army Wives and the bratty older sister on Pretty Little Liars.

But DeVitto, 30, isn’t like any of those characters. She grew up playing the violin, the daughter of a drummer who performed with Billy Joel for 30 years.

By the time she was 15, she was traveling to Austria and Germany with a youth orchestra and dabbling in modeling. When she was 16, she moved to Chicago and later to Japan to model.

She eventually found her niche when she took her first acting class. A photographer suggested the class might help her relax in front of the camera.

It worked. She broke up with modeling for a new love, acting.

After graduating early from high school in Winter Park, Fla., DeVitto at 17 went to Los Angeles to pick a manager and moved briefly back to Florida.

Then she packed and moved west to become an actress.

She has lived in Los Angeles for 12 years and has paid her dues — dining on ramen noodles and making ends meet by working at the California Pizza Kitchen, the Tangerine Cafe, Abercrombie & Fitch and Urban Outfitters.

She was employed as a receptionist by a yoga facility but never practiced yoga.

She married and, after two years, divorced actor Paul Wesley, her co-star on The Vampire Diaries. She is eager to marry again, she said, and have a family.

DeVitto has been working with a coach, whom she calls “a teacher, guide and mentor.”

In the wake of her parents’ divorce as well as her own, she said, “There’s been a lot of time for reflection and a lot of work I’m doing with this teacher and you realize, ‘Oh, God, shoulda, coulda, woulda — maybe. But that all needed to happen to get me to see everything that I saw, to be here, to be working on all of this now, to grow from it, to become who I am.”



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Torrey’s television series Pretty Little Liars has been nominated for the 2015 People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Cable TV Drama.

… be sure to go and vote for Pretty Little Liars!

Favorite Cable TV Drama
“Bates Motel”
“Pretty Little Liars”
“Rizzoli & Isles”
“Sons of Anarchy”
“True Detective”


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Torrey has a new film coming out this holiday season on the Hallmark Channel called The Best Christmas Party Ever and I have added a bunch of new images from the film to the gallery!

Gallery Links:
Torrey DeVitto Web > Films > 2014 | Best Christmas Party Ever


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Over the past month Torrey attended two events.

The first event is the Los Angeles Magazine’s LA Women Luncheon

And the second is an art exhibition of portraits taken for Project Mermaid which featured images of Torrey and her sister Maryelle.

Gallery Links:
Torrey DeVitto Web > 2014 > September 16 | Los Angeles Magazine’s LA Woman Luncheon
Torrey DeVitto Web > 2014 > October 3 | Project Mermaids Art Exhibit


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I have added all of the captures from the episodes Torrey was in for Pretty Little Liars Season 5 A. Melissa definitely drops a bomb this season!

Gallery Links:
Torrey DeVitto Web > Pretty Little Liars > Season 05 > Episode Captures


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I have been a bit MIA lately so I am going to try and remedy that! First we have captures from the pilot of the new CBS series Stalker that Torrey did a guest appearance for.

Gallery Links:
Torrey DeVitto Web > Stalker > Season One > 01×01 | Pilot {Captures}